Monday, August 6, 2018

The speech on dialogue advocated by Paul Biya has nothing to do with what Cardinal Tumi and his friends have just put on the table, says John Simon Ongola "CPDM MP"

Cin | The Deputy John Simon Ongola expresses himself in the columns of July 31, 2018 of the daily newspaper Le Jour. He talks about the English General Conference. Without going through four paths, the Honorable has many reservations on the sincerity of the proposals of exit of the English crisis formulated by Cardinal Christian Tumi.

"This initiative of the General Conference is put on the table in a context of violence, murder, assassinations that have reached an unacceptable point. This initiative is also made in the context of the presidential election of October 7, 2018. It is an initiative of the archbishop emeritus of Douala, Cardinal Christian Tumi, but also of Dr. Simon Munzu. If the declared objectives of this conference are laudable and desired by all Cameroonians, the political maneuver and the hidden agenda that ensues are sewn with a common thread. The conditions of participation in this conference give pride of place to the ultra-majority Northwest nationals in the South-West. The sure result of this foundation is that the decisions and resolutions that could be voted on will be to the detriment of the Southwest. The question that we are led to ask ourselves is whether the archbishop emeritus of Douala Christian Cardinal Tumi and Simon Munzu are at the maneuver to politically take hostage the brothers of the Southwest even though the populations are already taken hostage by terrorists, "says the Honorable.

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To the question of whether the refusal of this English-speaking general conference by the State would not show that it is not at all inclined to dialogue, the Deputy of the ruling party points out that there are some misunderstandings to up. " The speech on dialogue advocated by the Head of State, which we also advocate ourselves and that most Cameroonians advocate has nothing to do with what Cardinal Tumi and his friends have just put on the table . We are on the eve of presidential elections in a Region where security conditions remain uncertain. I think we're not talking enough about the other anglophone fringe, it's like there are only radical English speakers. We have a whole section of the population in the southwest and northwest that is mostly against the split, which wants reforms but not those. I think all this is healthy. I think we need to let things happen in their time, we need to consult the people of Southwest, see if they agree to this meeting takes place, "he adds.