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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

The separatists call for a boycott of the return, in the northwest and southwest of Cameroon.

Since 2016 courts are disrupted in both regions by separatists who, to enforce such a slogan, proceed to the burning of school buildings. But this does not discourage Vivian Kiffa executive director of the NGO Change Care Foundation, which is raising awareness among parents for an effective resumption of classes in the English-speaking regions of the country.

In addition to the school supplies she gives to the victims of the socio-political crisis that is shaking this part of the country, she launched the operation '' sponsoring a child '', which consists in finding people of good will to help pay the children. tuition fees for some children.

With the radical English-speaking activists who oppose the effectiveness of the back to school scheduled September 3, disturbances are feared in the English-speaking regions.