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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

The people who will vote against Paul Biya is suicide, Says Pascal Messanga

The ruling party activist magnifies the contribution of businessmen from his West-side political party to their people.

When he takes stock of the CPDM in the Western Region, Professor Pascal Charlemagne Messanga Nyamnding is dithyrambic. "One of the most beautiful fiefs of Biya is in the West," he said on August 27, 2018 on Radio Balafon, an antenna broadcasting from the city of Douala. The guest of the program "Sacred morning" was confident about the scores expected in the Western region during the presidential election of October 7.

"Who can vote against President Paul Biya when we see what Comrade Ngouchingué did there? Who can vote against us when we see what comrade Fotso Victor did there? Who can vote against us when we see what the mayor of Bansoa, Fokou, needs at home? Who can vote against us when we see what Kadji, the late mayor of Bana did there? He challenged before squarely threatening: "The people who are going to vote against us is suicide! I would like them to understand this Strategically, I assure you, to vote against Paul Biya is to deal with the many elites who support you daily, who bring you the development, the instruction, the serenity".

Messanga Nyamnding presents the economic operators mentioned above as "the objective support of Paul Biya". He states that "Paul Biya is the candidate of realism, he is not the candidate of the lottery". By way of comparison, he invites the challengers of his champion to say what they have done for theirs. "When you go to receive Joshua Osih here ask him with all the billions he has had, what he has already built concrete in his village. Opponents have no money, no salary. They are waiting to come to power to start helping Cameroonians, "says the academic.

Messanga Nyamnding admits, however, that if Paul Biya's record can be contested, it is because there are good and bad collaborators. The latter more numerous around the Cameroonian president he believes.