Wednesday, August 1, 2018

The People Who Crucified Jesus Christ Also Want To Crucify Me, John Of God Momo Cries Out

Jean De Dieu Momo continues to scour the sets of radios and televisions to try to explain his support for Paul Biya.

This character became too controversial and unfortunate challenger Paul Biya in 2011, has now returned his jacket and now belongs to the collective of 20 opposition political parties who have chosen to support the candidate of the CPDM.

Invited on the set of "pan-African debate" on the Africa Media TV channel, yesterday's opponent said he made this "important" decision in his life to support a "wise old man"


I discovered in BIYA a patriotic president, who loves his country! How to fight someone who does exactly what I wanted to do ???? BIYA is a wise old man, he is the only president who sells his expensive oil. I can not fight our fighter. He has all my support and that of my militants. The people who crucified Jesus Christ also want to crucify me because I have spoken the truth. I have never made such an important decision in my life. I am in Campaign for Paul Biya, he is exactly like the late president Mohamed Kadhafi. "

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