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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

The Killers of Chief Esoh Itoh Have been put to shame

The Member of Parliament (MP) for Ekondo Titi , Ndian Division, South West Region of Cameroon, Honourable Peter Njume Ambang, says those who assassinated Chief Stephen Esoh Itoh on Sunday, August 12, 2018, have been put to shame.

Honourable Njume made the assertion in an interview granted the State broadcaster, CRTV, during last Sunday’s morning programme, Cameroon Calling.

Honourable Njume Peter Ambang
The MP averred that the late traditional ruler of Ekondo Titi died a martyr and those who assassinated him have been put to shame.

He disclosed that the assassins asked the Traditional Ruler to mount a bike after they pulled him out of a Church Service.

The MP said the late Esoh whom he described as a man of conviction refused being subjected to humiliation and carried to an unknown destination.

According to him, it was probably after he refused going with the authors of the act that they shot him to death. He said from the remains ferried to the Limbe Mortuary, the killers shot him severally on different body parts probably to make sure that he was really dead.

He stated that, signs are already visible in the sea, particularly at ‘ndongere’ the traditional spot in the waters that, an abomination has occurred in Balondo land. He said for now, the authors have not been known, but stated that they would not escape judgment.

The Parliamentarian brought to public knowing that he, the children of the deceased alongside some Ndian elites had persuaded the Chief to leave Ekondo Titi, but he objected to the idea.

He said Chief Itoh considered it a sacrilege for him to abandon his people because of dead threats. Njume said, the traditional ruler was of the opinion that Ekondo Titi, which is the gateway into Ndian Division could not be left open given that most Chiefs have escaped because of the Anglophone Crisis.

The traditional ruler founded the Baptist Church in Ekondo Titi. He offered land for its construction. He and his family were said to be the first to start worshiping in the Church before other people joined along the line.

In a tribute to the late Paramount Ruler of the Balondos, Chief John Ekue Epimpa cum journalist asserts that “he(Chief Itoh would not also have succumbed to the temptation of pitching camp with secessionists, owing to a high sense of moderation that he always used to settle disputes within the party and among his subjects as traditional ruler of high standing, Be that as it may, what is certain is that, the venerable Chief died in service of his country,” Ekwe stated.

The deceased traditional ruler had as a profession; teaching. Itoh is a product of the Baptist Teachers Training College ( BTTC) Soppo Buea. He schooled at CCAST Bambili in the days when admission was through a competitive entrance examination. With record success at the Advanced level in History and English Literature, Itoh opted to serve his people. He taught at Government School, GS Ekondo Titi. He was a popular sports, band and choir master.

In 1972, he was chosen as the traditional ruler of Ekondo Titi. In the 80’s Itoh sought transfer to the Inspectorate of Basic Education where he worked till retirement. He served as Mayor of Ekondo Titi for two mandates and occupied the position of Board Chairman of PAMOL plantations for 10 years.

Chief Esoh Itoh at one time served as President of the South West Chiefs Conference (SWECC). His funeral programme is yet to be made public.