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Saturday, August 25, 2018

The Great Powers Do Not Want To Leave Us Alone, Say's Mbarga Nguele

The delegate general to the National Security indicated it on August 18 in Mbalmayo, Nyong and So'o. It was during a meeting to support the CPDM candidate in the presidential election of October 7th.

According to him, the socio-political crisis which, for almost two years, has weakened the two English-speaking regions of Cameroon is mainly the work of endogenous and exogenous forces "We have enemies inside and outside. You followed the statements of a certain ambassador, "said the boss of the Cameroonian police.

"They want to remain prime contractors. We spent 26 years abroad and I can tell you that Cameroon is a big country ", adds the former ambassador of Cameroon in Spain, quoted by our colleagues from JournalduCameroon

"They are people who want to continue to dominate us. We must therefore pay attention. We have to be careful because these people are very smart. If they do not succeed militarily, they want to succeed in another way. We want to create problems between francophones and anglophones; this is where the Nyong department and So'o must pay attention, "he concludes

If we look closely at what is happening in Cameroon, informed observers report that some Western powers support English-speaking secessionists to create a chaotic situation that will escape government control.

The impartiality and lack of independence of some Western media and NGOs (Amnesty International, International Crisis Group) are obvious in dealing with this socio-political crisis.