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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

The Deputy Jean Michel Nintcheu calls for the resignation of the CEO of Elecam

Cin | The regional president of the Social Democratic Front (SDF) for the Littoral considers that the director general of Elections Cameroon is not qualified for the serene conduct of the electoral operations.

The decision taken on August 27, 2018 by the Elections Cameroon Elecam electoral council to relocate the polling stations located in the military barracks, aroused a strong reaction of the Honorable Jean Michel Nincheu, the regional president of the SDF for the Littoral. In a statement issued August 27 in Douala, the deputy believes that the CEO of Elecam is "  zealous and potentially dangerous  " for Cameroon.

"As such, the CEO of Elecam Mr. Essousse, now disqualified for the quiet conduct of electoral operations, including the presidential election of October 7, must return his apron failing to resign,  " advises the MP.

In the wake of his statement, Jean Michel Nintcheu announced that the next step in his fight for a better electoral process in Cameroon, will be the control of the designation of the presidents of the voting centers and polling stations so that they are recognized for their neutrality and impartiality.

"There is  no question that party-state activists are presidents of centers and polling stations. The list of presidents of the polling stations will be combed for flushing out their political affiliation or not to the party of the flames. The very first condition that can guarantee neutrality, independence and impartiality is that it did not belong to a political party ".

According to Jean Michel Nintcheu, the very first condition that can ensure the neutrality, independence and impartiality of the presidents of polling centers and polling stations, is to have belonged to a political party.