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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Tabaski 2018: Two Imams Clash At The Central Mosque Of Yaoundé

Cambe | Scandal at the central mosque of Yaoundé this morning of August 21, 2018. The festival of tabaski started badly for the Muslims of the place called "Brickyard".

Two imams could not agree on who should preside over the ceremony. A situation that not only disrupted the great prayer inside but also paralyzed the climate of activities outside. According to the witnesses met on the spot the 2 religious leaders clashed with fists in front of the assembly. Carlos is a salesman, at the microphone of Radio Balafon, he says that:

"We saw people coming out of the mosque en masse. There is an Imam who is already tired but he does not want to give way to another. As a result, the clans were formed, the clan of the old Imam and the clan of the new Imam. they made an uprising inside. There was no prayer in it. But outside there was a group of people. They made a prayer with the new Imam. And they slaughtered the beast.

Robert another shopkeeper says: "The one who was even to preside over the prayer arrived and he found that the other Imam had already preceded him. They did not get along. They clashed in front of people to the point of coming to blows ".

Police and prefectural authorities descended on the central mosque in Yaoundé. They managed to restore order.