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Thursday, August 23, 2018

Special Criminal Court: About 7 Billion FCFA Recovered Since 2012

Emmanuel Ndjerè, President of the Special Criminal Court (Tcs) has just committed four books, one of which relates to the special jurisdiction he presides. It is by presenting this last book entitled, "The other face of the Special Criminal Court or the humanitarian vision of the President of the Republic", that the President of the Tcs revealed that "nearly seven billion CFA francs have been repaid since 2012" .

Emmanuel Ndjerè adds that "the authors of misappropriation of public goods concerned have found their places in their respective families and their jobs nationally and internationally."

The President of the Tcs continues by summoning statistics presented by the Minister of Justice Keeping Seals (Minjustice) during Emmanuel Ndjerè's inauguration hearing last February as the second President of the Tcs.

The Minjustice, Laurent Esso had then revealed that "more than 143 billion CFA francs have been granted to the State since 2012, as damages and costs by the various judgments of this jurisdiction". Questioned during this dedication that some defendants are released after restitution of the body of the offense while others are kept in prison, the president of the Tcs defends: "when the body of the offense is refunded, it sends the receipt to the 'competent authority […]. If you repay in front of the investigating judge or during the investigation, you can be released. But when the situation is already in court, it's more complicated. "

Article 18 of the law establishing the Tcs provides that "in case of restitution of the body of the offense, the Prosecutor General to the Tribunal may, with the written authorization of the Minister of Justice, stop the prosecution before the referral of the trial court. However, if restitution occurs after the referral to the trial court, the prosecution may be decided before any decision on the merits and the court seised pronounces the disqualifications of Article 30 of the Penal Code with mention to the criminal record ". The Special Criminal Court was created in December 2011 and amended in July 2012.