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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Secessionists kill traditional chief in Buea

237online | The ultimatum given by the mayor of Buea, Patrick Ekema, on July 30 to the secessionists, has borne fruit. At the end of the conference given by the Bakwéri sons and daughters of the South-West at the beginning of the week, the city council gave 24h to the "Ambazonians" to liberate the abducted traditional chiefs. Especially since according to Patrick Ekéma, the rumor of the death of one of these guardians of the tradition had already spread in the city. The least was expected, when in the night of Monday to Tuesday, five leaders were released.

The sixth traditional authority will breathe the air of freedom the next Tuesday, around noon. Still, the remains of Chief Mbanda, leader of Lysoka who succumbed to "torture" by secessionists during his detention, was also handed over to his family. "The family got a call from him indicating where she should find the chief's body, "we learn. The opening on Cameroon. For now, there is nothing to filter where these leaders were welcomed. It is known at least that after more than two weeks of captivity, all the leaders were finally released before the march organized yesterday, July 31, on the main artery of the city of Buea by the mayor of the city. A movement launched at 12 o'clock, after two hours late. This, because of the slogan of the operation "cities-dead" established by "Ambazonians".

The people of Buea therefore had trouble leaving their homes to go down the street, and march against the secessionists. During the conference given last Monday by Patrick Ekema and nationals Bakwéri, the city called the inhabitants of his city to stand up to the secessionists.
"They are maquisards. It is to tell them that they do not have a talisman. Because if they had it, they would have taken the presidency. Whenever they see the military, why are they fleeing? "The mayor of Buea is indignant.

The latter is also opposed to the holding of the General Conference of Anglophones (CGA), which plans to organize in Buea Cardinal Christian Tumi and other religious dignitaries of North-West and South-West. "We also denounce the troubles that Cardinal Tumi wants to bring here through the conference. The military and the police must be the referees, "says Patrick Ekéma.

List of seven leaders taken hostage and released
- His Majesty Woloko of Woteva;
- His Majesty Herman of Wokwei;
His Majesty Mopa de Wokeka;
- His majesty Litéké de Maumu;
- The leader of Lusaka;
- The head of Liwuh La Malale;
- Chief Mbanda de Lysoka (deceased).

Blaise Djouokep