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Friday, August 24, 2018

Protest: CODE attacks public health minister André Mama Fouda, whom alleged traveled to Switzerland to have his hand operated

The Collective of Democratic and Patriotic Organizations of Cameroonians in the Diaspora" CODE" reportedly gave the minister ultimatum to return back to Cameroon.

The CODE (Collective of Democratic and Patriotic Organizations of Cameroonians in the Diaspora) is on two fronts these days in Switzerland. Alongside the hunt for Cameroonian President Paul Biya, which its members believe is installed in the capital of this European country, this group of Cameroonian opponents abroad is chasing one of his ministers, André Mama Fouda. The CODE swears that the Cameroonian Minister of Public Health is in Switzerland for a seemingly minor surgery. According to his cell, the minister was spotted Thursday, August 16, 2018 at Clinique de la Colline, located at 6, Avenue Beau-Sejour, 1206 Geneva. Citing his informant (s), the CODE indicates that this is the place where the Cameroonian minister "had his hand operated".

 "The CODE can say with certainty and authority that the Minister of Health of Cameroon, Andre Mama Fouda, who is fleeing his own hospitals to have his hand operated in Switzerland, is still at the Novotel Hotel tonight. 15, Zurich Street. Our Alert Cell following his movements watched him all day long. This morning, he left the hotel shortly before 8 am aboard a black Chevrolet, registered CD GE 33 109, bound for Clinique de la Colline, where he underwent a physio session. He then returns to the hotel, and finds himself at the moment when we publish this message, on the shores of Lake Leman, not far from the castle of Paul Biya, where he enjoys sunny weather with his wife ", writes the activist Chief Brice Nitcheu in a message posted on August 22, 2018 on the Internet.

The president of the CODE supports by showing a picture that would represent him, that the hotel in which Minister Mama Fouda is housed "is one of the most expensive in the world" and that it "generally welcomes billionaires from around the world" . He adds: "the Chevrolet belongs to the Diplomatic Mission of Cameroon in Switzerland, which put it at its disposal with a driver who takes care of him 24/24".

The CODE claims to have met Mama Fouda in Geneva. "The fighters of our Alert Cell confronted him at the entrance of the hotel, but he fled as fast as a cheetah to take refuge inside," writes Brice Nitcheu.

"So we can deduce that this minister really does not care about the faces of Cameroonians, because his medical evacuation, his hotel and living expenses as well as those of his wife, and all his trips to Geneva are fully covered by the funds. public. This is unacceptable and we will act! Who does this minister think he can not have his hands operated in his own hospitals in Cameroon? For whom does he build the reference hospitals he boasts of? ", Reads the CODE communication. Cameroon's opponents said they had given André Mama Fouda until the evening of August 22 to return to the country. At the risk of seeing them melt on the clinic that cares for him and on the hotel where he sleeps.

Source; CIN