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Thursday, August 9, 2018


237News | The now "Apostle of God" persists and signs, in another outing on social networks, he says that President Paul Biya has no chance of ending the year 2018. Perfect guy Songue argues that no one can help the President Biya to escape death, not even the Grand Master of Malta, recently visiting Cameroon

In addition to the death of President Biya, Guy Parfait Song disavowed from the university by the Chancellery of the Academic Orders of Cameroon for failure to present the originals of his bachelor's and master's degrees, announces a great "uprising" in Cameroon

"Yaoundé and Douala will be the battlefield after the death of Paul Biya who will arrive very soon," predicts the General of God

He who says he is converting to spirituality does not stop there, he adds, "America will call a security council at the UN to stop the massacre of Anglophones in Cameroon. A civil war is coming »

Called "mental imbalance" on social networks, Guy Parfait Songue had already declared in another release that he is the only person on the planet to know who wants to kill the president of the republic

This character, who has become too controversial, claims that he belongs to the very closed circle of "seven generals" of God in Africa.

Let's wait for prophecy ... As he says so well