Sunday, August 12, 2018

Presidential election of October 2018: This is the Strength and weakness of the 9 candidates

237News | Now begin the backroom dealings. The presidential election of October 2018, qualified as consultation of all the dangers, will take place while Cameroon is prey to external aggression both in the East and the North.

The Biya government must also deal with serious internal troubles. This requires "significant defense, security and reconstruction bursting the budget at the expense of other key positions, such as health, education, infrastructure, etc." ", While the Cameroon-Cameroon war reduces the sources of income of the State, destabilizing the economic networks.

The list of candidates for this election has finally been made public. Now begin the backroom dealings. Some are known. Like Biya Paul. An eternal presidential candidate since the mid-1980s, he has been re-elected incessantly since being appointed to this position in 1982. January 14, 1984, April 24, 1988; October 11, 1992; October 12, 1997, October 11, 2004; October 9, 2011. In total, 6 times, he alternated between five-year and seven-year term. He goes back once again to the niche in a few months, at the canonical age of 86, to solicit the votes of his compatriots. His party the Rdpc has 8921 elected including 8685 city councilors; 148 Deputies; 88 Senators. With 303 mayors, 748 assistant mayors. "Paul Biya has elected officials in 315 municipalities," said Elimbi Lobe who drew up the statistics of candidates and credited with a rate of attendance on the 360 ​​municipalities for 87.5%. Biya is absent only in 45 communes.

Whoever takes the place of 'petit poucet' this presidential, unknown to the general public a few months ago, is also the youngest candidate. Cabral Libii of the party Universe, is more media than political. The number of its activists is confidential.

In 2011, Cabral Libii and Richard Ma Mbeb Makon signed a manifesto with eighty young Bassa-Mpo'o- Bati against the political elite of the Bassa people. They regret then "the decline, the refusal, the lack of will, and / or the incapacity of [their] elites (ministers, deputies, general managers, ambassadors,) to be able to bring together their intelligences in a dynamic of solidarity, capable of exercising a magistrature of influence, necessary for the defense and the taking into account of the local concerns and interests on the national chessboard ".
In 2015, in the newspaper "Le Monde", Cabral Libii blames Cameroon's catastrophic situation for President Paul Biya. "We are witnessing the excesses of a group of old people who have taken the country hostage," he says.

He added that this situation is "the consequence of usury and a presidency that has never had a course". He also protests against the Cameroonian Electoral Code, a code that does not deprive Paul Biya of a seventh candidacy for the judiciary, because he says, "the truth is that we are waiting for the system disintegrate all alone ". In 2017, at the age of 37, this Cameroonian activist, who enjoys a high popularity in social networks, is positioning himself as a candidate for the Cameroonian presidential election of 2018.

In a statement, he launched the campaign "11 million 'inscribed' by saying:
'Thousands of my compatriots have called me to preside over their destinies. This authentic "call of the people" honors me. I feel on my shoulders the heaviness of the responsibility of an elected man of hearts and reason. Thank you in all humility. The electoral triumph of new ideas on which we will grant ourselves when the time comes, and of new men at the coming deadlines, imposes upon us now, a deep commitment. The goal on 1 January 2018 is to have an electoral body of at least 11 million registered voters. Let's get to work. " He was unable to register 11 million voters, but this failure did not prevent him from developing other themes and to run for office. The Opening on Cameroon. Between Biya and Cabral, we find Joshua Osih, not novice than that, deputy of the nation, he is carried by the Sdf, officially the second largest party in Cameroon, with 826 municipal councilors; 18 Members of Parliament 7 senators, 851 elected, including 23 mayors; 79 deputies present in 38 communes. Relative to the incumbent president, the national attendance rate of candidate Osih's party is 10.5%. The Sdf is absent in 322 municipalities. If we stick to Elimbi Lobe's statistics, the Rdpc is worth 10.48 times the sdf. However this statistical truth is to be taken with tweezers.

In 1992, the Sdf led by its president, had 'beaten' the Paul Biya Rdpc. It is admitted today that the incumbent president won with a mysterious boost that some described as electoral fraud. Less than Joshua Osih, Kamto Maurice is presented by his activists and supporters as' the real challenger of President Biya. Its newly created Party has 19 municipal councilors and 1 deputy. Comments from Elimbi Lobe, "in total: Kamto weighs 20 elected representatives present in 5 communes in Douala and Bafoussam for a rate of presence: 1.38%".

The rest ; it is if we can say, of small fry, or one finds all the same Ndam Njoya with the Udc his party which counts 163 councilors and 4 Deputies for 167 elected present in 7 communes with 5 mayors, 16 Deputy mayors. Garga Haman, 5 councilors for his party L'Add, Akere Muna, Serge Espoir Matomba councilor and Ndifor Afanwi Franklin, Cameroon National Citizen Movement (Mcnc) This is the least known of the candidates selected by Elecam this August 7th. Pentecostal pastor Franklin Afanwi Ndifor only launched his party in early May 2018, while announcing his intention to seek the supreme office. Accusing politicians to be responsible for the current situation in Cameroon, he hopes to change his country. "It's a mandate that God has given me," he said, while saying he wanted to fight corruption.