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Friday, August 3, 2018

Presidential: The Eastern Region Contributes 55 Million FCFA For Paul Biya

According to the crtv which relays the information, the elite of the region of the East rdpc militants collected a sum of 55 millions of CFA francs to support Paul Biya's candidacy.

At the end of this meeting chaired by Minister Joseph Le, the sum of 37.9 million CFA francs was collected. A few days before, an amount of 17.2 million CFA francs had been collected in Yaounde by the elites of Upper Nyong, a department of the same region, under the auspices of Benjamin Amama. Thus, the East mobilized an amount of about 55 million CFA francs in one week.

Its elites do not intend to stop there. The support fundraising will continue until September 2018, a few days before October 7, 2018, date of the election of the next presidential election.

The meeting last Saturday was also an opportunity for young people in the region to present grievances to their elders.

For example, they wanted the Yaounde 2 University annex to be transformed into an autonomous institution that would take over the Bertoua Normal School; that people benefit from electrical energy on a daily and permanent basis.

To this last request, Joseph Le replied that everything is being done to solve the problem of shortage of electrical energy in this region.