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Sunday, August 26, 2018

Presidential 2018: The UPC can not go into an alliance with the snake, says Issa Habiba, president-elect of UPC as The UPC agrees with Akere Muna's candidacy

The Honorable Robert Bapooh Lipot, leader of a dissident faction of the UPC invited last July, UPC activists to vote Paul Biya, outgoing head of state, national president of the CPDM, political party in power and candidate for his own succession, at the polls of Sunday, October 07, 2018.

After having been rejected by the Elections Cameroons Electoral Council, Habiba Issa, president of the UPC, elected at the last congress of this party in October 2017, called on all her activists to vote instead for Master Akere Muna. , candidate of the opposition party "Popular Front for Development" and leader of the NOW Movement.

Issa Habiba made the appeal during a speech on the evening of Saturday August 25, 2018 in Yaounde at the headquarters of the Alliance of Progressive Forces (AFP), another opposition political party that has founding member Bernard Muna, the brother of the candidate Akere.

"If an Upcist tells you that he is in alliance with the CPDM, know that he is an Upecist who deceives people, an Upecist without conviction. The UPC can not go into an alliance with the snake ... I invite you to support the candidacy of Akere. The majority of the country, the francophones, have confiscated power for 60 years. They advocate living together and they show the opposite on the ground. This is the cause of the crisis in the English-speaking regions. Living together means that it is also time to hand over power to our English-speaking brothers ... The UPC is leading the way. We are tired of the francophone system. We all know that it's a system that does not move us forward. English-speaking countries like Nigeria are better developed. The time has come to change the system. All those who are for change, vote for the candidate Akere, "said Hahiba Issa, president-elect of the UPC and contender failed in the presidential election of October 7, 2018.

Prior to this solemn declaration, the UPC office and candidate Akere Muna's team held a meeting. The agreements of this alliance have not been published. It is remembered that after trying to rally Candidate Joshua Osih's SDF, Habiba Issa's UPC finally set his sights on the North-West candidate Akere Muna, one of the two regions beset by a war of independence for about two years.