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Saturday, August 25, 2018

Presidential 2018: Traditional leaders invite Paul Biya to launch his campaign in the East

Cin | In which city will Paul Biya launch his election campaign for the next presidential election? The activists of his party, the CPDM, are waiting impatiently for the answer. In 2011, the Head of State had chosen Maroua, the regional capital of the Far North, to make his first official outing of the campaign candidate he was.

This year, the beginning of the election campaign is set for September 24, 2018. Just one month away, it's still the mystery about the incumbent president's election campaign program. In any case, the traditional chiefs of the Eastern Region are asking him to do so in their region.

It is the wish emitted during a RDPC meeting on August 18, 2018 in the city of Bertoua precisely. "We invite our candidate Paul Biya, to launch his election campaign in the East, in the department of Lom and Djerem and more specifically in the district of Manjou," said the head of Kassala 2nd degree of Manjou, moreover President of the CPDM section of Lom and Djerem.

This invitation was supported by His Majesty Aiba Ngari, Chief of Canton Gbaya. "All the traditional leaders of the Lom and Djerem department and their populations will vote Paul Biya on October 7, 2018, on the occasion of the next presidential election," said the traditional authority. It remains to be seen whether Paul Biya, currently on a private stay in Europe, will respond favorably to this request.