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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Presidential 2018: I will create Cameroon’s own currency and dump Francs CFA is elected, says Joshua Osih

Social Democratic Front (SDF) Presidential flag bearer for the October 7, 2018, Presidential election, Honourable Joshua Osih, has vowed to dump the Francs CFA which Cameroon is currently using as legal tender and establish the country’s monetary sovereignty.

This is one out of the 24 points’ manifestos, which the SDF 2018 Presidential candidate published in Douala, on Wednesday, August 22, 2018.

Joshua Osih SDF presidnetial candidate
Hon. Osih, also vowed to shut down the National Advanced School of Administration and Magistracy, best known by its French acronym as ENAM.

The comments by the Presidential hopeful via his official twitter account generated a lot of reactions, with some of his followers applauding his declaration, while others rather advocated him to bring reforms to the institute which he opined is not helping to develop the country in anyway.

In his tweet castigating ENAM, the SDF flag bearer said “the 10 most developed countries in the world have no ENAM.” He said ENAM is a “colonial legacy” which a strong measure should be taken to shut down.

He said his view on closing ENAM, “is a strong measure…ENAM is a symbol and it is necessary to be able to attack the symbol to advance”

Reacting to the Presidential candidate’s tweet, some of his is supporters, heralded it, and beckoned on Osih to also replace the FCFA currency that is in use in Cameroon. Other reactors to Osih’s declaration told the candidate that “not everything is bad”, as such, he has to pick and keep what is good of the institution and then discard what has made the institution obsolete.

In a previous tweet, the candidate said, “my programme previews the immediate closure of ENAM”

Osih’s campaign to shutdown ENAM comes at a time when many have made derogatory comments and negative assessments about the institution. Some people have termed it as a breeding ground for corrupt officials, who have put a price tag on justice and service offered to the different communities, which they have been dispatched to serve.

Entrance examinations into the centre, have also been mired in bribery and corruption scandals as some candidates succeed without even sitting for the examinations, while others buy their way in with FCFA millions, and others depend on their ‘godfathers’ in high places in Government circles, who just as with a node of the head, their godsons or daughters will be admitted.

The institute has been seen in the eyes of the poor and middle class who do not have the financial might to buy entrance into the school, as an academy or breeding ground for sons and daughters of regime barons, who are trained to keep the machinery put in place by their parents and present ruling class to maintain a firm grip over national life and ensure that their machinery keeps running.

Osih also promises the 24 million Cameroonians a plethora of reforms that will make Cameroon an Eldorado to all and sundry. Below is the 24 points manifesto published by the SDF Presidential candidate. It was previously published in French, but for the sake of our Readers, The National Times loosely translated the points into English.

1- Increase minimum wage to FCFA 160,000 Over 5 Years!
2- Double the salary of civil servants over 5 years!
3- Ensure that every Cameroonian family has a land title!
4- Abolish advance rents payment and regularise landlords-tenants relationship
5- Introduce incentives to civil servants in rural and enclave areas to fight absenteeism and abandonment of posts.
6- Establish a local content orientation law and impose it from the first year on the public order.
7- Introduces free pre and postnatal consultations until 2 years and also cater for caesarean delivery.
8- Introduction of health coverage up to FCFA 500,000 per household annually for a premium of FCFA 1,000 per person monthly.
9- Introduction of a school grant for underprivileged children.
10- Free and compulsory education for the first cycle and abolition of free education in State universities and higher institutes of learning.
11- Develop and promote Education Programmes and infrastructure that will transform Cameroon’s education system.
12- Closure of ENAM
13- Elimination of road checkpoints.
14- Integration of vigilante committees in the Northern Regions and eastern parts of the country with law enforcement officers.
15- Form a 10 states federation.
16- Two rounds Presidential Election of five year term, renewable once and introduction of the single ballot.
17- Opening of a Truth, Reconciliation and Reparation National Conference.
18- Establishment of a disarmament, demobilisation and reintegration programme.
19- Relocation of the chief town of the Central Region to another locality of the Centre.
20- Implementation of administrations and public services in their centres of interest.
21- Establish our monetary sovereignty.
22- Reduce the size of the Government to a maximum of 20 Ministers.
23- Actively promote the Transfer of project to supply the Lake Chad Basin with water.
24- To nominate Cameroon to co-host the 2030 World Cup.

Source: natimes