Sunday, August 12, 2018

Presidential 2018 - Cabral Libii: "What I suggest is that the 8 are in a room and that we are doing primaries between us " The one who has the favor of this counting is the candidate of all of us"

Cin | Cabral Libii was the guest of the television program "La grande interview" (Canal 2 International) on July 7, 2018. In particular, he spoke about the strategy of the opposition's competitors. The young presidential candidate of October 7, 2018 think it is important that they unite to present a single candidate against outgoing President Paul Biya. "I call on the other 7 opposition candidates:" We must meet again as soon as possible. It is the people who carry me and I am sensitive to what these people say. There is no poll, but the vast majority of Cameroonians that I meet say to me: "give yourself more chance to ensure the alternation in this country by putting you together. I think it's possible

Cabral Libii believes that the strengths and capacities of each other should be shared and benefit the coalition forces. "Let's meet again very quickly for two things: the first to develop a common strategy to secure the vote. There are parties there. Joshua Osih is the candidate of a secular party that has a strong representation in the field. Garga Haman Adji is running for the umpteenth time. He has a base on the ground. Adamou Ndam Njoya umpteenth time candidate for a base in the field. The RCM for 6-7 years has done incredible incredible work in the field. Month that went on the field for a year, I can tell you who is on the ground, who is not on the ground. Mr. Akéré Muna, with the Now movement did what he could (...) 11 million citizens and myself, we have reduced our work. Everyone can boast of having their representations in the field, "he says.

He who advocated the organization of primaries gave up this process. It is now resolved to a simple vote between candidates. "We need to be able to clear a consensus candidate. At the point where we are, I will not return on the primary. Because since January, I had made publications in newspapers including Mutations demonstrating how we could organize the primaries. We are two months away from elections. What I suggest is that the 8 are in a room and we are doing primaries between us! That is, we are 7, 8 around a table. Each one takes a piece of paper, he writes the name of the one he thinks he can be the leader of us all. He does not vote for himself, but for one of the 7 others. After we strip together. The one who has the favor of this counting is the candidate of all of us. Around this coalition, we aggregate all other alternative forces that have not joined the G40 or G60. And then we build the real opposition coalition that can go to victory. And if this person comes to victory, it governs the country for 5 years, organizes the elections in two rounds, after putting the country back on track with a consensual program that we would have together, it organizes the elections it does not is not a candidate. Cabral Libi specifies however that for him "the coalition is not a project of society"