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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Presidential 2018: After Elimbi Lobe and Célestin Djamen, another executive resigns from the SDF

After 26 years of activism, Michel Jean-Paul Tchakote leaves the SDF for reasons he says "profound political, strategic and organizational differences".

He who has held various positions on the executive committee, the office Sdf-France should not fight campaign for the party of the balance on behalf of the presidential election of October 07

The interested person who confided to our confreres of specifies having "very badly lived the dismantling of the structures of the outside, the paralysies, the obstacles".

"For 10 years, there are no party structures in France ... And since January 2013, all my efforts to restore the situation have been in vain. Attitudes developed by some comrades and not least last June imposed the break. By this resignation, I put an end to multiple frustrations, "he explains to our colleagues, before adding" I do not engage in any other political formation during this campaign. I would support the proposals that are in harmony with my convictions. I do not recognize any closeness to the Regime of Renewal "

After Elimbi Lobe, Célestin Djamen for the most famous, it is around Michel Jean-Paul Tchakote. In announcing this August his resignation, Célestin Djamen explained to La Voix Du Koat: "The ideals of departure have completely changed, I do not find myself there anymore ... When a boat is sinking, we leave it"