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Sunday, August 26, 2018

Polemic: Bishop of Kribi accused of magic

237news | The man of God is accused of having destroyed some tombs to build a new school which will open its doors at the beginning of the new school year. A situation that creates an uproar in the city of Kribi.

Tombs buried under clods and burial charges of several graves. This is the controversy aroused by this situation of which the prelate is the author, at the Catholic cemetery of Talla.

This unworthy situation is only the result of the construction of the Pierre Monti College in the city of Kribi, on the ashes of the old technical and modern technical college (Cetm) closed this year for the cause. According to some speculation, the foundation on the left side of the building was built on some graves of the cemetery next to this new secondary school.

According to some indiscretions, four to five tombs were filled by the masons to build the foundation of the building R + 2. On the site of the construction site, it is omerta: Silence of cemetery. Everyone certainly fearing the curse of the Bishop of the Diocese of Kribi, Bishop Damase Zinga Atangana, initiator of this project to build a college of reference in the seaside town. For the people, it's horror.

"Even if it's free, my child can not attend an institution that is built on graves. Never. That's sorcery, "says Rachelle Mpelle, a local woman who makes a great sign of the cross, as if to ward off bad luck. "It's high magic and it's a typical Catholic tradition. You will often notice that their church, or cathedral and other structures are built next to the cemeteries. It seems that they are dead who give radiation to their structures, "said Jacques M, a local resident.

The natural phobia of the dead and the cemeteries adds to this situation which makes the news in the city of Kribi. In the cottages, it became the main subject. Despite this collective phobia, some people are rather pleased with the construction of this building. " He had to. Pierre Monti College is a reference in education and Kribi did not have one. All that is told is pure invention of some people, "says Eric Tankou, a resident of Kribi.

A very blameworthy sacrifice
Apart from this fact, the bishop of the Diocese of Kribi is reproached for having "killed" Cetm de Kribi who completely surrenders his buildings to Pierre Monti, except for the new building which is entirely built.

He would have yielded after investment agreements of three hundred million (300,000,000) CFA francs with the Congregation of the sons of the Immaculate Conception, owner of the label Pierre Monti and St Benoit in education in Cameroon. A real showdown between the elders of the college and the bishop of the diocese of Kribi took place. "I do not know why the father bishop saw only the site of Cetm to come and put his project.

It's a shame. We begged him, but he did not want to hear anything. He asked us to go build at the stadium, if we did not want the college to disappear. It was more up to them to build at the stadium. And not coming to rehabilitate old buildings. They are the ones with the money. Decidedly when we say that money is the devil, it is very true, "says, bitter and angry, a former Cetm more than forty (40) years ago today.

"Cetm was part of the heritage of the city of Kribi, even though it belonged to the diocese of Kribi. We could just rehabilitate it! Sacrificing the memories of a city in the name of money is really irresponsible and mean, "said another former Cetm Kribi.

For the populations, the disappearance of the Cetm, added to that the supposed construction of the building of the establishment on the maccabees is too much, but not for the catholic Church. "For starters, the building there is not built on the graves. No graves have been destroyed, and even if it was done it would be for a very good cause which is the erection of a reference school in the city of Kribi. There is no magic on it.

You know on what are your houses built? Kribi did not have an establishment worthy of the name, and the city is growing with wealthy people who come to settle more and more here.

And we noticed that after his class at the Sainte-Marie primary school and kindergarten, the child was obliged to go to Douala or Yaoundé to have a quality education. Pierre Monti College is known for the quality of its teaching, "says a very close associate of the bishop of the diocese of Kribi.

And to continue, "Cetm College was crumbling under millions of debts. The diocese could no longer cope with this. The Congregation of the Sons of the Immaculate Conception offered the bishop of Kribi an offer he could not refuse. Pay off the debts and invest in the construction of a new building and rehabilitate the old ones.

The opening on Cameroon. This amounts to nearly 600 million FCFA which will be invested for a quality education. It is not the bishop who manages, it is the Secretariat for Education (seduc), and the shares will just be donated. The Cetm teachers have even been paid back for Pierre Monti with their salary arrears totally mopped up ".

In the city, the controversy continues, but the Catholic Church across the diocese of Kribi is determined to make this college a reference in the sub-region, which can compete with the largest colleges such as Libermann, Alfred Saker, the college Vogt, De la Salle or even the college Conquest. The Congregation of the Sons of the Immaculate Conception is a catholic congregation with simple wishes, hospitable and teaching, founded on September 8, 1857 by Luigi Maria Monti and Cipriano Pezzini, with the opening of a hospital in Rome under the patronage of the Holy Mind. Pontifical right since May 10, 1865, it is composed of brothers and priests. At the beginning of the 20th century she opened houses in Austria, Poland, South America. In 2001, it had 49 houses for 290 religious.