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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Peacekeeping mission: 1,100 Cameroonian soldiers on their way to CAR for peace keeping

Cin | The Fifth contingent gathered at the Headquarters Brigade for the ceremony of taking weapons on Friday, received the anointing of the Minister Delegate for the Presidency of the Republic in charge of Defense (Mindef), Joseph Beti Assomo. The latter, whose remarks are relayed by Cameroon Tribune Monday, August 27, 2018, joins the United Nations to leave this country brother and neighbor of a conflict whose effects do not spare the entire subregion.

"The first principle that I wish to give you is that of the non-use of force, except in self-defense. You have to keep in mind that Minusca is acting on Chapter 7 of the UN Charter and that its mandate integrates the protection of civilians with as a corollary the extension of self-defense to the third party, "recommended Joseph Beti Assomo .

The formed police units will reinforce the 11,000 UN troops already present in CAR. And to carry the national torch high, it is to Colonel Martin Prosper Bayemi that was handed the flag of the Republic, which represents the symbol of honor, notoriety, and prestige of Cameroon.

"We understand our responsibility to represent Cameroon in the concert of nations, as part of the Minusca, to protect the people, to help humanitarian agencies to do their work and to restore legitimacy permanently in the Central African Republic" he assured.

Mindef seized the opportunity to challenge the soldiers on the zero tolerance that will be applied for any act of proven indiscipline. "Always remember that each of you has signed an individual contract for this mission. Which gives it rights that we will watch closely. He also demands from him the respect of the professional obligations related to your profession of soldier ".

These are soldiers who have benefited from the multiform support and consequent of the President of the Republic, chief of the armies who will raise the Cameroonian key among the Blue Helmets who took the way of the CAR.