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Monday, August 27, 2018

Paul Biya prepares final assault on secessionists, Military Source reveals

A good part of the electoral body, called to the polls on October 7, knew only him. However, at 85 years of which soon to be 36 heads of state, the outgoing president tries to convince that he always embodies the future.

"Highlander." This is the nickname given to the President of the Republic of Cameroon by Franco-Nigerian humorist Mamane, to mock his longevity in power. This is the title of a television series. Broadcast for the first time in the 90s, she staged a 400-year-old immortal with a youthful freshness. Except that in real life, the passing of time leaves marks. Even at Paul Biya, pampered by nearly 56 years spent under the gilded paneling of the wealthy residences of the Republic, they are more and more visible.

"If the pace and the setting always take care of the greatest care, the make-up is not enough any more to mask the asperities: under the chin, the skin wither and it is seen; the features of the face, under the effect of the magnifying glasses of the cameras, betray the outrages of time. Mr. Paul Biya accuses the weight of age and the burden ", painted, the late Richard Touna, in an issue of Repères published the day after the address of Paul Biya to the youth on February 10, 2007. The tenant of Etoudi was then 74 years old. Today, he is 85 years old, of whom 36 are at the head of the state.

Biya "in"

"Paul Biya has a vision, his age does not matter", yet tries to polish the Minister Jacques Fame Ndongo, one of the thuriferaires of the president. In reality, the question of age is a concern for the president and his communicators. It can also be seen in all the evil that gives the 85-year-old man to appear "in", "trendy", "stitched to modernity", to use the terminology of Michel Roger Emvana, one of the portraitists of Biya. The use of Twitter to announce his candidacy is part of this strategy. The Minister of Higher Education himself admits:

"President Paul Biya is a modern, even futuristic president. That's why he chose this path more and more used by the great of this world. It is in the same logic that you have to put away the famous "You put them in the sauce" or "you made them that gift" pronounced by Paul Biya in early 2017 by receiving the Indomitable Lions winners of the French Cup. African Nations football for the fifth time. The basic problem: the outgoing head of state is 85 years old while his fellow citizens are mostly young. According to the last general census of the population, 75% of Cameroonians are under 25 years old. The median age is 18 years for women and 17 years for men.

People over 65 represent only 3.5% of the population. Therefore, a good part of the electorate convened on October 7 to elect the President of the Republic is "the generation android" and listen to urban music while the president-candidate is rather in the classic.

The seduction of youth operation also affects public action. Two years from the end of his term, Paul Biya has set up two initiatives aimed at this segment of the population: a three-year special youth plan and the computer donation program for students. Implemented since 2017, the first aims to facilitate and accelerate the economic integration of young people and the second to provide each student with a computer.

The real Biya

"Dear compatriots from Cameroon and the Diaspora, aware of the challenges we face together for an even more united, stable and prosperous Cameroon, I agree to respond favorably to your urgent calls," said Paul Biya in the tweet announcing his candidacy. But what exactly will he propose to meet these challenges, after about 36 years of supreme office? In CPDM, his political party is asked to wait for the candidate's profession of faith. But here should stop Biya "in".

To believe, Michel Roger Emvana, author of "Paul Biya. The secrets of power "published in 2005 by Karthala editions, although the former student at Sciences Po in Paris" knows how to adapt to time ". In fact, "President Biya does not vary in strategies and techniques of governance". He must therefore remain a "complex president whom the people see more than he hears", a president who "governs with a hood" and who "is not who he appears to be".

By returning him to the head of the country for a seventh term, Cameroonians should not expect a major change in the vision of man. Despite the deaths that fall daily in the Northwest and Southwest, the country should remain a decentralized unitary state of Jacobin inspiration.

"In the CPDM, we believe that the unitary and decentralized state is not negotiable. We have known and renounced federalism, do not go back and allow the secessionists, who are a tiny minority, to take hostage the English-speaking people, "says Jaques Fame Ndongo. The member of the political bureau and secretary of communication of the Democratic Rally of the Cameroonian People (CPDM) answers the question of Jeune Afrique, edition from July 15 to 21, 2018. In fact, the Pan-African weekly wants to know if "more regionalism or move to federalism? "" The form of the state is non-negotiable ", has also repeatedly reminded the outgoing president himself.

From safe sources, the former seminarian would even prepare to spice up hostilities in the English-speaking area. Military personnel on internship abroad were reportedly requested to return to the country and prepare for combat. One thing seems likely, however, is the establishment of regions. An index of their eminence is contained in the circular on the preparation of the state budget 2019.

"In terms of governance and strategic management, the efforts already undertaken will have to be strengthened. As such, the ongoing sanitation and public finance management will have to be continued, through the taking into account of the communal and regional plans of development ", one can read in this document signed on June 20, 2018 by the president of the Republic.