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Monday, August 27, 2018

Paul Biya never started a war, says Atanga Nji

Minister of Territorial Administration Paul Atanga Nji gave an interview to our colleagues from Cameroon-Tribune on the sidelines of a visit to the Far North region. Read the entire interview.

What is your assessment of the second day of your working visit to the Far North region?

We visited the constructions that were carried out as part of the war effort of the Cameroonians as part of the fight against Boko Haram and the aid to the victims of terrorist atrocities in the Far North region. You know that the Cameroonian people spontaneously decided to contribute money to support the defense forces deployed at the front and civilian populations victims of the atrocities of terrorists.

The allocation plan for the funds collected includes the construction of buildings in schools, health centers and boreholes. I can tell you that these buildings were well done and in the places where the schools had been destroyed, they were rebuilt or rehabilitated. I believe that in the Southwest and Northwestern regions, we have to copy what has been done here. There is traceability in spending.

We can say that with the money contributed by Cameroonians we saw classrooms, health centers, encouragement to farmers, support materials for the Committees of vigilance. Farmers and ranchers were given something to restart their activities.

Given that there is a similar operation for the North West and South West regions, I think we should come and see what has already been done in the Far North region. Thus, we will give guidance to those who manage the funds for the two regions mentioned above where we must target the most important projects that will be bequeathed to posterity.

You also handed over the presidential couple's donations to the flood victims in Kolofata commune ....

There are families who have been affected by the floods here. Each family received a mattress, blanket, food and financial support from the President of the Republic and his wife. There are also mattresses, blankets and financial support for the Kolofata District Hospital.

The Acting Director of Kolofata Hospital expressed his gratitude to the presidential couple who sent me here to see working conditions, provide financial support, 1.6 million for staff, then 30 mattresses and 25 blankets . He said that it has been almost 12 years since a member of the government visited these places even though he admitted that the administrative authorities visit them.

In return, I asked him to remain courageous. I saw the deployment of the security forces. Calm returned after the tragic events in Kolofata. But I recognize that it takes some courage to the staff who are there to save lives because if there is no hospital here the population will suffer.

You have also been to Mora in Sector No. 1 of the Joint Multinational Force where there are Boko Haram repentants. What will be done for their reintegration?

The Multinational Joint Force (MMF) was created to solve a problem and I think that the Head of State, Chief of Armies, HE Paul Biya, went beyond that. I have seen repentants who are children aged 15, 16 and 17, adults and seniors.

The head of state would like those who were on the side of the obscurantist forces to return to the Republic. I would like to announce that he has already given a site and the governor has made arrangements to set up a reintegration camp. The President of the Republic thinks that the repentants must return to the Republic fully and for this they must be educated. The idea of ​​committing crime and providing psychological care must be removed from their heads.

Its very important. The head of state has already unlocked the means for this and the construction will begin very soon. After giving donations to flood victims in Kolofata, I came in the name of the Head of State to show the encouragement of the President of the Republic to the command of the Cameroonian army and the command of the FMM who do a good job .

This is to say that our defense forces are republican forces that are primarily there to protect people and property, repression being the exception. After the war, there is peace. But it is worth remembering that Cameroon never started the war that was imposed on it because the country had to defend itself as a state. Therefore, it is only in self-defense that the Cameroonian army is forced to use force.