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Saturday, August 25, 2018

Paul Biya "expresses deep indignation" at health staff following several attacks

Cin | The English crisis has entered another phase in recent days. In fact, the attacks hitherto limited to the security and defense forces as well as the administrative authorities, are now directed to health care workers and sanitary facilities.

In a matter of days, these attacks cost the lives of the Njho-Etu and Kob Integrated Health Center Heads of the Mbengwi Health District in the North West Region and the Medical Center Security Officer. of Mbonge in the Southwest. A nurse was seriously injured after the attack on the ambulance at the Bamenda Regional Hospital where she was staying. In addition, the Mbonge Medical Center and Ad Lucem Health Center Bamuck in the South West were burned.

A situation that prompted the reaction of Paul Biya. In a statement released Friday, the Minister of Public Health, André Mama Fouda said that "informed of these sad events, the Head of State expresses his deep indignation, strongly condemns these acts of barbarism and reassures his firm determination to restore peace.