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Monday, August 6, 2018

Opinion: "John Of God Momo Must Consult A Collective Psychiatres" Says Souley Onohilo

The exchange was rather heated between Souley Onohilo and Jean de Dieu Momo in the "Arena" of Sunday, July 5 on Canal 2 international

Le Newspaper reporter Messengers Souley Onohilo and Me Dieu Momo of the G20 have embarked on a heated debate on television.

A surprising and comical moment. Moreover, we could even believe that it was a staging, and yet we were indeed in the hot and hard interview of this program presented by Rodrigue Tongue, and very popular with viewers of chain green logo


Souley Onohilo: Momo has spent the time insulting me ... I would have reacted immediately and we would have spoiled the show, (by professional solidarity you have rather saved the show, says Rodrigue Tongue, presenter.) Ed it that's why I prefer to think that his tongue has slipped when he said all this wickedness against me.

But it comforts me the idea that I developed from the beginning, I wish M Momo to consult a collective psychiatrist, because he became disembodied and his memory plays a lot of tricks