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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Opinion: Akere Muna Owes Me 1,500,000 Fcfa Of Unpaid Wages, Say's Sam Severin Ango

Sam Severin Ango spokesman for Ndifor Francklin, MCNC's candidate for next week's presidential election, claims payment of his three-month salary to his former boss, President Me Akere Muna, also a FDP candidate for the same election presidential

Guest of Afrik-Inform's online television, as part of the program "7 minutes to convince" of August 26, 2018, the famous journalist and host has made it clear that he had, before engaging with Akere Muna asked to be paid up to one million francs every month. Akéré Muna, he says, "has not been able to respond to this request"


"He asked me to take the 50% of this amount so 500,000 francs. The minimum to ensure my fixed charges in terms of rent and bill payment.

So you understand that I was not particularly bulimic at that level. So at the very least, at least I leave with 1,500,000 Francs of unpaid wages I leave with at least three months of salary arrears.

That is, they were not able to pay the minimum of what I asked them to do. Because the salary I had originally demanded could not be paid. Because I was told there were no resources yet. I was surprised later that we brought other people.

That means there was already enough money in the team and people could be paid for their fair value