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Monday, August 27, 2018

Open letter to soldiers deployed in English-speaking areas

Will you remember? When you were fighting for the sovereignty of our country in the far north, we supported you. From all over the country to the diaspora and NGOs, we have all contributed, financially and morally, to the success of your mission. And you did not disappoint us; you knew how to repel the danger that weighed on our land and we are happy about it.

But dear brothers soldiers since you are in the Southwest and North-West of our dear Fatherland we do not recognize you anymore. You rape your own sisters, you club your teachers, you humiliate your lawyers you murder civilians, your own brothers and sisters, you shave their villages and incinerate your grandparents. The fight you are waging in this country is no longer that of freedom but of slavery. Look how the people fear you and despise you! Watch how he breaks away from your fight that is much more like a fratricidal war. Whenever one of yours falls, the people are less affected than formerly. Your death is for him a liberation, a step towards life.

Look at yourself so young and full of life. But this life, each passing day, is empty of its meaning and all certainty. This life is all about the fragile thread of hope. Many of your brothers fell into this phantom war, some were still only students. For six months they had left their families, they had never seen it again.

Today, they go back home with their hands crossed on their belly, a hole in their head or in their throat. They never received a first salary for the job they loved so much. This sad fate, you know, walks in the shadow of your steps. He is after you every second that you lose to create enemies among those who are still our brothers, who have never ceased to be.

Why are you fighting them? What did they commit to irreversible? Always remember that at the beginning of this crisis it is you who introduced violence. This tragic situation continues because you persist in letting yourself be manipulated by those who think you are indebted to them. What is the point of this dictatorship?

Who took the war effort that the people once offered you in the north?

Who distracts your premiums by telling you not to claim?

Who can not better equip you?

Who kills the future of your children and yours?

- who can not even take care of you properly when you are injured for lack of drugs and good hospitals?

What is the use of this dictatorship that starves you and assolts you? What good is this dictatorship that confiscates for you and your family your meals?

They told you that you are fighting to preserve the integrity of the state. They lie to you. You fight for them, so that their dictatorship survives. And as long as this dictatorship survives, your premiums and your freedom will always be confiscated. Your children will always die of cholera and malaria because of the lack of drinking water, your loved ones will always die on our roads because of their bad condition. Besides, you too have been victims. For them you represent no more than cannon fodder against those whom they call terrorists because they have decided to express their indignation over the way they treat the people, including you ...

Dear soldier brothers, I write this letter in a spirit of openness and dialogue. We francophones have decided to join the fight of our English brothers. Our operation is called '' terminus ''. Its goal is the taking of the central post office. We will lead her with bare hands and placards on which it will be written '' never again biya '', '' too much is too much '', '' biya must go ''. . .

Before shooting at any of us, read these placards to understand that our only weapons, no matter how abstract, will not cause any physical incident. No mercury and gunpowder in our words. They will only address one man, Biya, the kidnapper of our country's growth and community well-being.

It is the people who choose their leaders but since 1992 we have never chosen biya. He always knew how to steal our power and impose on us as a fatality. Our goal is not to become president in his place, it's not our business. Our goal is to return to the people the power that has been wrenched from 35 years of dictatorship. A dictatorship that poisoned the minds of Cameroonians, barricaded the people with hatred and sank into misery and bloodshed. Refuse to fire at the people and join us in this fight.

Your task is to protect the people from all adversity. Biya is for us the most serious danger that terrorizes us. Come and frame our demonstrations against this minority that has always despised you and made you slaves; who dictates to you what to do and what to think, who uses you like cattle. Do not give your life to these inhumans, these men who have a stone in the chest and who have always made you men machines:

No you are not machines!

You are not slaves !

You are men, men capable of emotion, men who deserve better, men who can understand the strident cry of a whole people's flush.

Let us unite, Let us fight for a new country that will give everyone the opportunity to work, that will bring a future to youth, your brothers, your children, and security to old age, your fathers, your mothers. A new country where you will have a new future, a better life.

There was a time when I liked to see you gathered around a beer, away from the war. He reminded me that you were the happiest soldiers in the world living in a country of peace. This time must come back, peace too!


Reporter: Kand Owalski