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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Rosalie K Simulates Her Pregnancy And Buries A Doll Instead Of "Her Dead Baby"

Rosalie K, a young woman living in Bafia, Central Region, made her husband Melvin and her family believe for nine months that she was pregnant

One morning, she took the bus to the capital to give birth. She called her husband to tell him that the baby had died.

For the dead "infant", the family planned a funeral where everyone took turns carrying the casket.

But the next day, the family began to doubt the story of Rosalie K and decided to unearth the coffin.

Inside the coffin was a doll. Rosalie then confessed to her husband Marlin that she had invented this pregnancy story for her to stay with him.

Marvin decided not to file a complaint against his wife.

Source: 237news