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Saturday, August 25, 2018

Olivier Bile (Candidate failed): "My request was not rejectable"

Cin | Olivier Bile has still not digested the fact that the Constitutional Council has confirmed the rejection of his candidacy file for the presidential election of October 7, 2018. In the columns of August 22, 2018 of the daily Messager, he returns to the hearing of August 17, which took place in this high court. To better understand, it should be recalled that the national president of the Union for Fraternity and Prosperity (Ufp), after rejecting his file at Elections Cameroon (ELECAM), had submitted a request for rehabilitation to the Constitutional Council . It turns out that he could not pay the 30 million FCFA bail. The case being, he declared against the members of the Constitutional Council, the agents of the Central Treasury of Yaoundé at 22 hours of 19 July 2018 were no longer in office.

By submitting his request for rehabilitation to the Constitutional Council, the president of the Ufp hoped that the members of this high court would take into account, the fact presented, and would allow him to complete his file by paying the fees of bond. " All ELECAM staff knew that Bile was a victim of a situation that should never have happened. That is to say, the absence of the personnel for the payment of the deposit. I am very annoyed because on top of that, in addition to the testimony of the global testimony established by the media at the time, an extremely clear statement of justice has been made on the Constitutional Council table to attest to what indeed, we were there with the external resources, but the staff supposed to receive us not being there, well this payment could not be done ", he declares.

Speaking about the decision of the Council the national president of the Ufp continues " when the Constitutional Council in a session like this, is not able to use the part of responsibility which is his, of the facility that one expects, one may wonder why this high jurisdiction was created? One wonders why this kind of situation can happen? I was objectively the only candidate "repchachable" in these remedies and all Cameroonians know it and say it. Have we organized a litigation session so that Board members can point as they usually say? I only wanted to say that I appeal to the very high intervention of the Head of State, which seems to me the last resort to the human plane. And I appeal to a higher level, to the divine intervention of the Eternal himself so that his justice is accomplished in Cameroon .