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Monday, August 27, 2018

New revelations about the attack on Ngoh Ngoh's home

The sponsor of the operation was arrested a few days later in Bonaberi, Douala.

We have not finished talking about the incident at the residence of the Secretary General of the Presidency (Sgprc) a few days ago. 

Two people were killed when they burst into the residence of this important personality in the early evening.

Unconfirmed sources, 03 other people involved in the same incident were also arrested. Better, another individual, presented as the sponsor of the operation was arrested a few days later in Bonaberi (Douala).

The thesis of a settling of accounts (people who personally want to the SGPRC) has flourished in public opinion, and seems to be even the most widespread version, even official.

How not to question this version, given some areas of shadows, and especially what can be as a novelty in the case.

How can even amateur people come to "eliminate" such a great personality without being truly armed? And the time? How and why did you choose the end of the afternoon to conduct an equally delicate operation? "How can people who come for such a disastrous mission be caught so easily?" Asks a police officer we approached.

Good to know, Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh the SGPRC is protected the GSO, an elite unit of the Cameroonian police, it is also at the heart of the Cameroonian intelligence system . So much for the shadows.

The novelty in the case is given by a source that seems very introduced in the entourage of the SGPRC. For this source, the truth would be quite different: Some employees (we speak of employees in a career) of the vast property of Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh, dissatisfied with their working conditions (financial claim) would have wanted to demonstrate in front of "their boss".

The police officers would have misjudged the situation that degenerated before turning sour. Balance, 02 people killed by bullets. Our source does not know if the SGPRC was aware of the situation. Info or intox. Investigations will help to find out more. One thing is certain the Secretary-General of the Presidency of the Republic has been in the spotlight for a few days. He is accused by a certain opinion of "placing his men" within the machinery of government, of wanting to eliminate all those who seem to be appreciated by Paul Biya, to grant public contracts to the affid├ęs. Several newspapers echo this for a few days.