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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

More Than 30 Billion CFA Won By Secessionists At The CDC, The Distress Cry Of Its Director General

The Director General of the Cameroon Development Corporation (CDC) Franklin Ngoni Njie called on July 20 denier secessionists to respect his facilities and his property.

Franklin Ngoni Njie expressed his concern by stating clearly that the CDC remains an apolitical organization.

It is with a tone of frustration that Franklin Ngoni Njie recalled that when the crisis was bogged down, the company lost the sum of more than 30 billion CFA francs to the secessionist terrorist group that attacked a CDC van. and took away the money and the drugs. He said that this money was intended to pay the workers. As if that were not enough, the armed group set fire to the Malende rubber factory in the Muyuka sub-division

The Director General of the Cameroon Development Corporation finally called on its workers, leaders and the people to be conscientious and respectful of all the facilities of the company, but expressing confidence in the approach taken by the government to solve the crisis.

Source: 237news