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Monday, August 27, 2018

Meet Cameroonian Baba Danpullo, The Unpopular Rich French-Speaking Africa

Despite his fortune that ranks him as the richest of French-speaking Africa, this Cameroonian remains unknown.

In the streets of Yaounde the political capital, all or almost a question "who is he? " 

Despite the publicity on him in 2015, through an article in the American magazine Forbes Africa, retracing the immense wealth of this Northwest native Fulani, and ranked as the richest Cameroon, Ahmadou Baba Danpullo remains unknown to the public. And yet? The man owns a vast empire of goods valued at billions of CFA francs. In the streets of Yaoundé where we interviewed the Cameroonians, there are many who do not know him.

" Who is that man ? ", " What is he doing ? "Is he a minister? This is what Cameroonians think of him. Now, the man is investing in the political capital of Cameroon. In the Valley District not far from the residence of the Senate Speaker, Baba Danpoullo has a construction site for a building that rises on high ground. The model of the work displays nearly 40 floors.

To the question of whether it is a choice of life of this man who would have preferred to be rich but discreet, opinions diverge. Indeed no one dares to explain exactly this posture of the richest of Central Africa. The opening on Cameroon. Even the finest specialists in investigative journalism, can not disentangle their assets, all the more that this Fulani does not like the media.

Some languages ​​even evoke the thesis of a constraint of life, which the lodges would have imposed on him, from which he would hold his wealth. In any case, it appears clear, Baba Danpoullo is a real paradox and contrasts with some who do not even consider his wealth, but who have become the most popular.

An estimate of his fortune
In 2015, the fortune of the "king of tea", was quantified at 550 billion FCFA. It is understood that it has increased by more than 100 billion. Initially a trucker, then tea, animals, real estate, agribusiness, shareholding and telecom.

Speaking of tea, it is he who allows Cameroon through Ndawara Tea Estates, to export tea. In the field of beasts, it has an oxen ranch of more than 1200 hectares, with 8682 animals. In agribusiness, he had managed to buy the Cameroonian flour manufacturing company. What makes him today, the flour provider to the whole country and even throughout the Central Africa subregion.

Having price tasty in business, he will not shrink from nothing on the contrary! It will grow in strength and will succeed in placing shares in several public companies. Actions that gives him the right of decision during the sessions of the boards of directors, companies like Sodecoton, or even at airports in Cameroon. In telephony, he is the owner of Nexttel, the third operator of mobile telephony in Cameroon. In addition to his country, this aphasic businessman managed to expand his market empire in South Africa, where he imposed an airline, and in the real estate sector.

In Johannesburg, for example, he holds the 2nd highest building with 32 floors and 15 meters high. Nigeria and France also know its brands in the real estate sector.

Politically, Baba Ahmadou Danpullo belongs to the Rdpc, the party in power. Moreover, he is one of the main financial campaign candidates of this party. Whenever the opportunity arises, this wealthy Ndawara draws on his fortune to pour into the party fund. We are talking about the envelopes in hundreds of millions of FCFA.

Although rich, Baba Danpullo accumulates defects. First, it belongs to a race that does not respect human rights. Its employees suffer from it very often. In addition, it is with deceit that he acquires land in his native North West. A few years ago, people spoke of "land sold off" by him. Also Baba Danpullo does not like to see journalists, although owning a TV channel. What a paradox!