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Friday, August 3, 2018

Maurice Kamto Is An Imposter, I Have A Problem When He Thinks We Are On The Same Side" Says Joshua Osih

Two months into the presidential election and after the failure of a single opposition candidacy, the conquerors of Etoudi's palace continue to look at each other in faience dogs. This time, it is Joshua Osih of the SDF who goes up to the crenel. The party candidate of the balance in an exit tackle the MRC and argues that its president Prof. Maurice Kamto, is only an "impostor"


At the creation of the MRC, I came to see me several times to preside over this party.

I told them that a party is built from the bottom up. A party does not work like a business. I have a problem. When you are part of a system, and while you are part of that system, you are fighting the opposition; you are at all meetings.

You change the constitution so that there is no limitation of mandates. You come to present us and defend this law to the National Assembly.

One can go wrong once. Then you stay in government for 7 years. The day your friend has the new government's list that will be out in 3 days, he informs you and you resign. Do you believe that the resignation will erase what you have done for 7 years? .

And four years later, you come to believe that what is happening there is bad. I have a problem when KAMTO thinks we are on the same side. There is an opposition and those who have lost the little they had.

It's not the same thing. These are the difficulties of association that I have with KAMTO. I can not risk after all those who were killed next to me, to put the country between this kind of hands