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Saturday, August 4, 2018

Many Cameroon's Health Professionals Have Hepatitis B Virus, NGOs reveals

It is a gargantuan paradox peculiar to the Cameroonian society, we learn that one out of 12 health professionals suffers from hepatitis B.

The alarm bell is being pulled by the NGO Doctors without Borders (Msf), which has collaborated with the Ministry of Public Health for a survey conducted in 2016 with 2,000 employees in 16 regional hospitals across the country. This study shows that one in twelve hospital employees have hepatitis B and nine out of ten healthy staff members are not immunized against this disease.

These, says Msf, nevertheless represent "a sensitive population". And for good reason, the targeted medical staff is often in direct contact with the blood of patients or any other body fluid. This represents, after unprotected sex, one of the main routes of transmission of Hepatitis B. "It might have been thought that health care workers, knowing the occupational risks of the job, would be better protected than the general population. .

However, we observe that the prevalence of hepatitis B is just as comparable to that of the general population, "noted Yap Boum, Africa representative of Epicenter, MSF's body in charge of epidemiological research. So there is risk.

That for members of this faculty "to be infected in their work. They can also easily infect patients.