Thursday, August 2, 2018

Keep Cameroon clean: Hysacam awarded another five years contract till 2023

Hygiene and Health of Cameroon succeeds itself for the transport and treatment of household waste in Cameroon. Published on 19 July 2018 by the Ministry of Public Procurement, the results of the international call for tenders for the possible succession of Hysacam in the collection, transport and treatment of household waste in Cameroon confirmed that the company established in Cameroon since 1998 keeps the lead. Four local and international companies including HYSACAM had subscribed to this call for tenders launched at the end of 2017; the company won and therefore remains the only one able to contract with municipalities for the collection and treatment of garbage in Cameroonian cities where she is here. It was in January 2017 that a note from the President of the Republic instructed the opening to competition of the household waste collection activity in the Urban Centers of Cameroon. Reproaches overwhelmed Hysacam, otherwise diminished his chances of being re-elected.

They were particularly related to its coverage and quality of service. The Yaounde Urban Community estimated that only 65% ​​of solid waste arrives at the Nkolfoulou landfill and indicates that some areas remain inaccessible to collection vehicles, stating that the direct consequence is the accumulation of rubbish that creates the waste. obstruction of water drainage networks and unsanitary living conditions. With regard to the stowage of the structure that he pilots to international standards, Michel Ngapanoun, President and CEO of Hysacam said he was confident on the occasion and promises surprises to his customers with the commissioning of 211 new trucks and some 17 heavy vehicles.

Devices acquired through an agreement signed between the company and a syndicate of banks. This is not the first time that this company which started its activities in Yaoundé in 1979 won an international tender. In 1990, Hysacam won against several companies, a tender launched on the city of Douala. It will now be necessary to wait until 2023 before advancing on the future of the company to the services of the local authorities.

Romulus Dorval KUESSIE,