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Saturday, August 25, 2018

just After receiving donations from Paul Biya, the people of Maroua invite him to launch his presidential campaign in their locality

In the name of the Head of State, the Minister of Territorial Administration, Paul Atanga Nji, handed Thursday to Maroua the donations sent by Paul and Chantal Biya to the 187 families who suffered the ravages of the floods during the night of July 24th to 25th.

The donation consisted of mattresses, bags of rice and millet, soap, refined table oil, sardines and an envelope. It was presented to the beneficiaries during a ceremony at the Gakle Public School, in the presence of numerous administrative, municipal and traditional authorities of the region.

According to Cameroon Tribune of Friday, August 24, 2018, in his welcome, the Mayor of the Commune of Maroua I, Hamadou Idou, said the people say thank you to the presidential couple for this gesture of generosity. He then expressed the wish that the president-presidential candidate of October 7, 2018 comes to launch his electoral campaign in the capital of the Far-North region and promised him all the votes of the voters in this part of the country.

This wish, assured the minister Paul Atanga Nji, will be transmitted to which of right. "You've seen the messages the banners carry. The people invite the Head of State to launch his campaign in Maroua and promise to vote the president 100%. This wish will be transmitted to the illustrious recipient. Through the presidential elections, people say they will show that the Far North region remains an impregnable bastion of the CPDM, "he said.

Beyond the political aspect, the collapse of the banks of Mayo-Kaliao is of concern to the government which plans to rehabilitate this site which represents a real threat for the populations. "Regarding the treatment of critical points, I can assure you that the Head of State has given firm instructions so that all companies and ministries that are involved in the project make every effort to start. I believe that the concern of the Head of State is the protection of populations because you see that the more time passes, the more people are exposed, "adds Paul Atanga Nji.