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Thursday, August 23, 2018

Joshua Osih presents his candidacy project of society this Wednesday in Douala

Joshua Osih presents this Wednesday in Douala his project of society. According to Cameroon Tribune on Wednesday, August 22, 2018, this one is mainly for anchoring all the field trips made by him or the members of his staff across the deep country in order to touch the finger of the realities of the populations .

He had traded with them. And above all, noted their proposals for solutions. It is thus all this sparse collection, examined with the fine comb these last days by the experts of the various fields (economy, social, cultural, etc.), which will be the object of the meeting of this day as well with the men of media that all observers of the Cameroonian political scene.

Recall that on August 15, Joshua Osih presented his campaign headquarters, based in the economic capital. That day, his campaign team was also presented. The SDF candidate took the opportunity to rejoice that his political party had already mobilized 30,000 volunteers.

Optimistic, he hoped that they would reach 50,000 at the launch of the campaign on 22 September. Moreover, each polling station will have a scrutineer of this political party, previously formed.

During his exchange with the press, Joshua Osih spoke about the possibility of a coalition, while confiding to having received a mandate to win the presidential election. It must therefore mobilize all individuals or groups of people who can help it achieve this goal.

As pointed out by the SDF candidate, the decision to support the candidacy of another person can only be made by the party congress and not by him. In closing, Joshua Osih announced that some failed candidates have approached him to show their support.