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Saturday, August 25, 2018

Henri Bedimo who was Fired from 'Olympique de Marseille speaks out

Fired from 'Olympique de Marseille (OM) this 24 August 2018, Henri Bedimo denounces the practices of this club and intends to continue the club phocéen prud'hommes.

On the columns of the newspaper L'Equipe, the Cameroonian footballer says all his disgust for the OM. "It goes back several years! I became sponsor of this academy in 2007 and I started to negotiate a partnership with Montpellier in 2012, when I was playing there. I did not sign at OM until the summer of 2016 ... So I am criticized for carrying out a project in my native country to help young Cameroonians to have a better life through school and sport? The motive is fallacious and abusive. I am convinced that the club has tried by all means to terminate my contract without it costing anything. "

While his contract with OM runs until 2019, Bedimo is surprised at this early divorce with his French club. "The words are not strong enough. They consider me a vulgar cheater. I have always been irreproachable. In terms of investment, the staff never blamed me. I never had a problem in any club where I went. There, they dirty my image and that, I can not accept it, "he confides to L'Equipe.

OM defends itself by saying that "the club has never been warned of this initiative" by Bedimo. "We discovered in the media that one of our players, who has an obligation of loyalty and exclusivity, had just created a training center in Cameroon with a competing club. For us, it is therefore totally justified to interrupt the employment contract of the player in question. We are very calm about the rest of the procedure.

 Accused of having opened an academy in his hometown, Douala, with the partnership of Montpellier (judged as a competing club), it was last July that OM had initiated a dismissal procedure against him.