Sunday, August 5, 2018

Gasoline Loaded Truck Lose Control In Nkometou While Populations Stealing The Fuel To Sell

File Photo

Traffic was interrupted on Friday 3rd of August at Nkometou, an "urban" village in Obala District, Lekie County, Central Region. Testimonies that are still silent about the causes of the accident of the tanker truck, however, indicate that the fuel has spread on all roads, causing a disruption of traffic.

Scene photo

More importantly, as the pictures show, the neighboring populations began to steal the fuel with all sorts of containers, and began to sell it in full view of everyone.

Only, behaving as dangerously, the latter do not remember perhaps the terrible fire of a tank car containing fuel, and which had overturned on February 14, 1998 at the headquarters of the Cameroon Company of the oil depots (SCDP ) to the Nsam district in Yaoundé. A tragedy that had left more than 200 dead, because of the imprudence of the people who had not hesitated to extract the fuel from the tanks, before a fire came to cause death, fright and desolation.

Source: Camrbe