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Monday, August 27, 2018

Fraud: Two (2) Camtel employees steal $3 million from a priest

Currently suspended from their duties by the hierarchy of the companies, the mis en cause have been summoned to refund the sum extorted under penalty of disciplinary sanctions.

Appointed Edzoe Toulou Eugène Emygde, registration number 101188 and Tchana Mbatcham Clément Blaise, registration number 100843, two employees of Cameroon Telecommunications (Camtel) are currently suspended from their duties. The two men held respectively the positions of driver and chief operating officer of information systems and IP networks at Camtel regional representation in the Eastern Region.

They are suspected of "customer scam" and "extortion of funds" amounting to 2,920,000 FCFA to the Bishop of the Diocese of Doumé-Abong-Mbang on July 20, 2018. According to Le Messager of Monday, August 27, 2018, the two accused could not be justified in front of the accusation. All that pushed the company's hierarchy to sign, on August 21, 2018, two notes of temporary suspension against them.

According to the newspaper, this suspension runs without prejudice to other disciplinary actions that may be taken against them until the production of documents justifying the full reimbursement of the sum extorted and currently claimed by Bishop Jan Ozga, Bishop of the Diocese of Doumé-Abong -Mbang.

In the event that this amount of money is not refunded after this debut, other sanctions could come from the general direction of Camtel. In particular dismissal or legal proceedings against these employees.

The missions regularly assigned to these Camtel field staff are most often the study, installation, operation and maintenance of the infrastructure necessary for the provision of telecommunication services as well as the connection of national networks to foreign networks. Unfortunately, some employees take advantage of the ignorance of users to extort huge sums of money for their services.