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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

First Lady Chantal Biya's hairstyle costs FCFA 453 million

"The cauliflower", "the UFO" (unidentified vaporous object) or "the soufflé" ... These are, among other things, the nicknames given by some international media to the impressive haircut of Chantal Biya who visibly intrigues more than one. After the English newspaper Daily Mail, it is the turn of Radio Télévision Suisse (RTS) to take an interest in the hairdressing of the first Cameroonian lady.

A RTS survey published on June 28 revealed that Chantal Biya would regularly use the presidential jet to "have her impressive hair done at great expense" in Geneva.

Estimated cost of travel: CHF 800,000 (Swiss currency), or about 453 million CFA francs according to the authors of the survey. They also point out that the first lady never fails to shop every time in Geneva.

The investigation that focused on the movements of the Cameroonian presidential couple reveals that Paul Biya and his wife have already spent nearly 65 billion CFA francs just for travel abroad since coming to power. According to the investigators, the number of cumulative days spent abroad (and mainly in Geneva) by the Cameroonian president represents more than 04 years and a half of the 35 years that he has come to power.

It must be said that this is not the first time that the foreign media do case of "gross expenses" of Chantal Biya. In 2016, the French newspaper Le Monde revealed that the first Cameroonian lady had spent three days at the American Hospital of Neuilly-sur-Seine in France for a treatment whose average cost was estimated at 980,000 euros (about 642 million FCFA ).

This posh hospital is known to have welcomed celebrities like Mickael Jackson, Mohammad Kadhafi or Johnny Halliday.