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Monday, August 27, 2018

Exposed: The secret letter of Colonel Didier Badjeck to his son

Army spokesman Colonel Didier Badjeck reportedly sent a letter to his son, who is reportedly being harassed by Web activist Boris Bertolt, who has fled to France. The content of the correspondence was published by Boris Bertolt himself on his Facebook page.

Below the full letter:

My son Jor├Ęs, I understand your annoyance to face the constant harassment of Boris Berthold who could not assert himself as his fellow Cameroon, to take refuge in France, thanks to the subterfuge of a miserable escaped, country where he does activism and terrorism, in the light and knowledge of the authorities that host it, it must be emphasized.

It is indeed to ask questions about what a political exile is said by the way who should show exemplary behavior invective the army, its chief, in addition the head of state, encourages terrorist activities! . His actions are naturally tortious and should have led him for a long time into jail ... he certainly enjoys a decriminalization of his crimes for the services he renders, otherwise how to understand that this gentleman is not yet in prison or any at least under a straitjacket in a psychiatric institute?

I have his phone and his address, and we could try again to bring this madman to order. So, if he is already attacking our President, who am I to be spared from the venom of a madman full of complex and mentally deficient.

When you have someone who barks at the officer I am, without my being able to speak to him in return, because he does not deserve it, shame no longer kills. I understood for a long time that this gentleman was more to be pitied than to punish, a serious pathological case, and it would still be necessary to add to his defense, that he was very badly framed and shamed today to the Republic and his parents.

You would go to Sangmelima where this genius was born, you would understand that he is rather to be pitied. So, my dear son Jores, I suggest you on this day of Assumption, to unite with me to pray for Boris, our brother Cameroonians are all, so that he has enough to eat in his country of asylum, that he always has a roof and time to enjoy his insults, which he utters in the sense of the mode of operation imposed on him, in exchange for his little shelter.

Pray for him, to give him a more decent home, to have a wife and children, and finally to found a family, by suggesting to God the father, that his children have the same path . Now, if you could ask him to speak with my many children, because I am a patriarch; they would certainly ask him to stop his circus before lightning struck him.

May the Lord bless him on this day of Assumption and make him fall a manna inversely proportional to his treachery. Do not let your heart be troubled by this man insulting your father, a worthy representative of the Badjeck family. It is not from him that we receive our graces, but from our Lord as I have you. learned, it is not from him that we receive our medals and our assignments, but from the highest authority of the state that we serve with loyalty and commitment.

Source: Bertolt