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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Etoudi 2018: Habiba Issa faction supports Akere Muna while Bapooh Lipot and Pierre Baleguel support Paul Biya

The Habiba Issa faction supports Akere Muna as trends led by Bapooh Lipot and Pierre Baleguel line up behind candidate Paul Biya.

The Union of the Populations of Cameroon (UPC), it is known, crosses of serious internal dissensions since several years. These leadership quarrels are more evident during the election period. The presidential election of October 7, 2018 does not offend the rule. For this same election, the three trends of the historical party support two different candidates.

Starting with a trend led by the Honorable Robert Bapooh Lipot. The MP recently signed a document with 19 other opposition leaders, in which they pledged to support the candidacy of outgoing President Paul Biya. Following a recent meeting in Eséka, Bapooh Lipot reaffirmed his support for the CPDM candidate.

"As Secretary General of the UPC, we are very pleased to see that the people of Nyong-and-Kelle align themselves as one man behind the candidacy of Paul Biya," said the honorable whose tendency is recognized by the government.

Paul Biya is also supported by another side of the same party. This one is led by Pierre Baleguel Nkot who also claims the cap of Secretary General of the UPC. "We met in the Steering Committee of the UPC and we decided to support the candidacy of Paul Biya, because we think it is only able to lead Cameroon and get us out of the situation we are going through. right now, "he says.

These two trends are not the only ones of the nationalist leader Ruben Um Nyobè. A 3rd faction, is brought by Habiba Issa. Candidate declared in the presidential election, the one who claims to be the president of the UPC has been recaled by ELECAM (body in charge of elections). She has since moved behind Akere Muna, the candidate of the Popular Front for Development (FPD).