Wednesday, August 8, 2018

English-speaking Cameroon: In Buea, Francophone community worries

RFI | In Cameroon, in Buea, the regional capital of the English-speaking south-west, it is no longer good to speak French.

The city's French-speaking community of students, shopkeepers and civil servants no longer lives in serenity because of the hardening of the crisis. Some, who fear reprisals from activists and pro-independence militia, have even left the city.

Largely made up of students, the French-speaking community of Buea is saddened by the deterioration of security in the city. "The situation is no longer very favorable for us francophone students, especially since the war with" Ambazonia ", if I can say that like that, began. We are more exposed because we speak French. They see us different from them.

They tell us that if we are not happy, we just have to go back to our country. For them, our country is either Yaoundé or Douala, all French speaking areas in fact, "says Natacha, a medical student.

An hostility also felt by Bernadette who runs a business, not far from the campus. The harassment of pro-independence militiamen is such that it only plans to leave the city. "You see this piece of paper, I found it under my door two days ago.

There are phone numbers and a message asking to send money to participate in the war effort. Who did that, I do not know. I can not feel safe in these conditions anymore. For me, it's clear. I will have to leave Buea, even if it is reluctantly, "she laments.

On the other hand, GĂ©rard, who says he has lived there for twenty years, assures that he will not budge. "From Buea, you're laughing! Buea is Cameroon. I'm here and I'm staying whatever happens, "he says. To leave or stay, a decision finally not obvious whose determinant is Buea to the evolution of the security situation.