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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Election 2018: Atanga Nji calls the authorities of Adamawa for help

For his very first visit of contact with the deconcentrated services of his ministerial department installed in the region of Adamaoua, the boss of the chiefs of earth reiterated the commitment of the president of the Republic to make hold the elections in good conditions throughout the region.

During the working meeting he had in the governor's conference room with the 5 prefects, the 21 sub-prefects, the military authorities and the governor, the minister, in his introductory remarks, said that he was came to Ngaoundéré to make the state of the security situation of the region. He also commends the military and administrative authorities for their efforts to maintain peace and security.

It also requires the support and guidance of the administrative and military authorities to support Elecam before, during and after the upcoming presidential election. To this end, the territorial administration, through the sub-prefects and prefects, must lend a hand to Elecam agents serving in their territory of command.

To the law enforcement and security forces and the police, the minister is unequivocal: "It's not just about protecting the people on duty in Elecam, but also about securing election materials. This must happen in a framework of absolute protection of the process ".

The meeting with the traditional leaders, the ministers of religion, the parliamentarians and the mayors in the room of the acts of the Urban Community rather took the appearance of a political rally. After highlighting the vision of the President of the Republic in the development of traditional leaders, the Minister stressed the contribution of these to the maintenance of peace and security through the mobilization of the community for the formation of vigilance committees .

The traditional leaders of the region, by the way of their spokesperson, the lamido of Banyo, His majesty Mohaman Gabdo, will say that "the guardians of the tradition in Adamaoua are behind the head of the State for a vote to 100%. " Same story on the side of the representative of the women of Vina who, Mrs. Abé Marie, for whom "the president Paul Biya and the women of the Vina in particular and the region in general, it is up to the station ".

At a time when the region faces acts of insecurity - with the hostage-taking with ransom demand - and criminality, the visit of the patron of the Territorial Administration was more than imperious. It will define new strategies to reduce to its simplest expression these acts that sometimes bereaved many families like those of the small Mubarak, kidnapped and killed a few weeks ago in the city of Ngaoundere.