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Sunday, August 26, 2018

Drama: An Unknown taxi driver and his accomplice raped and killed a pregnant woman who boarded his cap and dumped her body behind the Kondengui Public School in Yaounde

237news | A human tide dominated by strident cries of women has just been formed at a place called "Laverie Kondengui" in Yaounde where the body in a state of advanced decay of Cécile Melissa Anaba was found after eight days of research. On the spot, the elements of the Emombo gendarmerie brigade prevent the crowd from approaching the remains lying in the bush where large flies fly. The opening on Cameroon. "I was still on the floor where my daughter's boyfriend was deported this morning (yesterday, August 22, Editor's note) after a week of police custody, when I was informed of the discovery of the corpse of Cecile. "Says Nasser Massoma, the parent of the missing.

Student at the Pharaohs College of Yaoundé, this young woman who has just landed her probationary A4Esp., 21 years old and five months pregnant, has left the family home last August 14 to join his boyfriend who had just sent him an invitation on the cell phone of his mother. "It was in the early morning of August 15 that her parents discovered that she did not spend the night," says the uncle of the deceased, Marc Mendouga. In her research, the family falls on the message received the day before by Cecile Melissa Anaba and goes to his friend, Christian Nama.

"This temporary teacher at the Pharaohs College in Yaoundé says she did not spend enough time with Cecile because she would have shortened their appointment to go to someone else's Essomba," said Marc Mendouga. A version that does not convince the family like the agents of the brigade of Emombo, because of the scratches in the neck and injuries on the hands what the boyfriend is wearing. "He will explain that his marks are the result of the assault he suffered after having accompanied his girlfriend," says the uncle of the missing.

The research continues and the same day (15 August, Ed), the parish priest of Sainte Marie mother of God Nkol-Beck in Emombo, where the two young people were members of the group of readers, will receive a phone call anonymous. Abbot Alphonse Eloundou Ateba talks with a man who says he raped and killed the day before (14th August, Ed), a young lady whom he and his accomplice carried in their taxi. In his confession, the "repentant" confesses to having thrown the body behind the Kondengui Public School. Excavations will be undertaken eight days before falling on 22 August on the body.

Melanie Ambombo