Sunday, August 12, 2018

Corruption: Joseph Lee "Corrupter And Corrupt Must Be Sanctioned"

The Minister of Public Service and Administrative Reform presented last Wednesday its concept of "public service proximity."

Minister, what is your concept of "public outreach" referring to?

This is the theme of this first press briefing which inaugurates a series of periodic meetings that we will have according to the schedule and the concerns of our users. The user is at the heart of the activities of the Minfopra, because it is our reason for being. It must therefore be restored to its nobility and definitely turn the page of disenchantment between us. From now on, our credo is: "At Minfopra, the user is king". It is not enough to say it, it is necessary to show it and that is the reason why we started by breaking the ice between our users and us.

Corruption has unfortunately made its bed in our society. Do not you think she comes to rub off on your work?

I think I can remind you of the strong determination of the President of the Republic, the Prime Minister, the head of the government and even the entire government to combat these deviant behaviors. You see, if we sit idly by saying that the situation is lost, then we kill our country and jeopardize the future of our youth. Corruption is not inevitable, it is not in Cameroon anyway. These behaviors must be fought. It is good that the corrupter and the corrupted be hunted down until their last entrenchment. We are going as far as we are concerned and in accordance with the high standards of the Head of State to continue this fight so that our administration to begin with that I am in charge of, is cleansed.

The users are discouraged because of the time of certification of the acts of integration which can take more than 6 months. What is really wrong?

We have just noticed it. But it's not just integration, but career acts in general. It must be understood that before certifying an act we must first ensure the authenticity of the documents in the file. Anything that takes a little time. It must also be recognized that the files are sometimes incomplete, which further lengthens the deadlines.

How to understand it while you are supposed to keep the file of the agents of the State?

A good number of state agents' files are kept in our Sigipes application, the integrated management system of the state and balance staff. This system is recent and does not contain all these acts. But, this complaint, unless I'm mistaken, is no longer as recurrent for the files already registered in this application. Looking for a career act does not take a month or more, now it takes two days. The acts in particular those of the 60's, 70's and 80's also need to be digitized. Significant work under a quick-wins initiative is underway at the Ministry of the Public Service and Administrative Reform. There are millions of archives to classify and then digitize so that tomorrow in one click you can find the desired act. We are expanding the Sigipes application in other regions to solve the user displacement problem. For the moment, nine regions are already connected except the region of Adamaoua. We will meet the governor of Adamaoua to give us a space in his premises. The problem is that in this region, the regional delegation is installed in a rented house.

Regarding the treatment of career acts, can we know the number by category of acts of career treated or pending since the beginning of the year?

From January to July 2018, we received 25725 files. 17705 of these files were processed. There are still 8634 pending cases. And these instances can sometimes be due to the fact that the files are not complete, it is necessary to find the owner of the file so that it brings us missing elements. When you see these proportions, you see that these are encouraging numbers that show that we work day and night for this purpose.

What about the placement of internships and disciplinary files?

At one point there were some small problems for the internship. The question has been decided at the level of the hierarchy, especially at the level of the Prime Minister, and for about two or three months. The internship file has experienced an acceleration in its treatment. Since April 2018, we have processed 3779 files. At the moment, 423 cases remain pending, of which 182 are incomplete. These are performances not to be neglected. With regard to disciplinary files, since January 2018, we processed 4109 disciplinary files out of 4478 received. There are 369 pending files. We are in the process of speeding up the processing of these files because most public officials are suspended from the balance after the cleansing operation of the state balances file.

More than 50000 teachers recruited by the Ministry of Basic Education in 2014 have not received a registration number or contract and even less salary. They have redid new files that continue to drag. What could you do to alleviate their suffering?

This file is jointly managed with the Ministry of Basic Education and even the Ministry of Finance. We are working hard on this large file. As a reminder, it was expected that the State recruits 9000 teachers. Thus more than 50000 files have been filed. It was therefore necessary to sort through ensuring that there is no over age. So in the case of the 50,000 you are talking about, we have received several requests. For this purpose, as soon as I arrived at the head of Minfopra, I received trade unionists who deal with these questions. I would simply like to wish those compatriots who suffer, I know, to be a little patient. We will see exactly what is problematic on a case-by-case basis.

Remain in the case of teachers. Mr. Minister of the Public Service, why after obtaining the act of integration, the financial assumption is not immediate?

It's an interdepartmental file. So we try to work so that solutions are quickly found for this purpose. We are here to make everyone happy, and we are trying to work in that direction. In the coming days, this problem will be solved.

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