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Sunday, August 26, 2018

Colonel Badjeck, the Military Spokesman have said that about 21 Amba Boys, 2 soldiers killed in Men chum, debunking rumours that 9 soldiers were killed

Campost | The spokesperson of the Cameroonian defence force, Colonel Didier Badjeck has described as fake social media reports that nine (9) soldiers were killed in Zoa during shootings between security forces and pro-independence fighters.

He said the brigade in Zoa was attacked by what he called terrorists and twelves (12) assailants were killed. In a similar operation, the MINDEF spokesperson admitted the death of two (2) soldiers.

He further said nine (9) other Amba Boys were "neutralised" in another military operation in Bafmen Menchum Division North West region of Cameroon.

Source: campost