Thursday, August 2, 2018

Clarisse Wopso passes on

The remains of the artist musician was found on 1st of August 2018 in a psychiatric center in France in a state of decomposition.

"Rip Clarisse Wopso died four days ago but the body has just been discovered in a state of decomposition. That your soul rest in peace. "By this publication on his Facebook account this August 1, radio host Rene Francis Ngogang (Francis Liberal) raised a corner of the veil on this news on which the mystery remained until then. To believe many other outputs "The diamond of God, Clarisse Wopso" as it was called lately is no longer of this world; the lifeless body of Cameroonian was found in a French hospital where she was admitted probably to follow a therapy. Due to its state of decomposition the body of the artist leaves no opportunity to advance on the reasons for his death.

At 38, Clarisse Wopso takes the death row leaving her loved ones and her audience in sadness. In some videos posted on social networks the singer showed an appearance and crooked actions; in particular, she was often seen holding a large cross and photos bearing the image of the Parents of Jesus in the course of a recording, or claim to have exchanged with the Virgin Mary when it was not with God.

This has earned the former wife of Pascal Valérie to be assimilated by many Cameroonian among others dementia. It is obvious these recent outings with surprising flights that will remain engraved in the memories. which will obscure the artistic course of the daughter of Dja and Lobo in southern Cameroon. The initiator of the Wopso dance or the woman with the thousand clothes has made about five albums, the most adulated of which are "Wopso" produced in 2005, "Wopso saucer" pressed the year after and "Shut up" in bins since 2013.

Romulus Dorval KUESSIE,

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