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Thursday, August 23, 2018

Central African Armed Groups Present Their Demands To The African Union

Armed groups in the Central African Republic have presented nearly a hundred demands, including a general amnesty, to the African Union (AU) panel of experts that is mediating with the government in a country in the grip of daily fighting.

Sharing power and government of national unity, road construction, general amnesty or army restructuring: the AU panel listed the 97 demands of armed groups operating in the Central African Republic for a return to peace.

According to a diplomat in Bangui, emissaries from each armed group must now meet with the panel in Bouar (West) on August 27 for a "harmonization" of these claims, before submitting them to the authorities for an agreement.

Among the demands is the general amnesty for fighters of armed groups and their leaders, a controversial measure that has been demanded by these groups since the beginning of the violence in 2012.

But the authorities, supported by the international community, have always refused this prerequisite for a cessation of hostilities. A Special Criminal Court (SPC) has been established to try crimes committed in the country since 2003.

Source: Cambe